Earn income passive through high-yielding cryptocurrency investment

Invest in Primex fund your portfolio will be managed by a professional team with 7 years of experience in portfolio investment. PRT Token holders are remunerated every day!


Just watch the video

Since the beginning of the foundation on May, 1st until today (26 Nov 2020) the price of tokens has shown profitability: ....
Also, PRT holder’s tokens get bounty (reward) every day.

The cost of the PRT by days:

Become an investor is very simple, just follow a few simple steps:

Register on the site Primex.FUND
Buy PRT tokens
Get the BOUNTY (reward) every day, either to sell expensive tokens.
TRT tokens Bounty

And what's next?

Token price depends on how much profit showed the Fund over the past 24 hours
  What to do with tokens?

- Tokens holders are paid BOUNTY every day in the amount 0.5-1% of their value;

- At any time, you can sell the tokens to us immediately and get the money back. The experience of the project shows that the tokens price is growing!

The sources of the Fund's profit:

In order to diversify the risks our Foundation uses several tools to generate income: trading robots, portfolio investment and inter-exchange arbitrage.
Trading robots

Cryptocurrency market is fairly volatile. Thanks to our software, we follow dozens of coins and respond to changing their courses, which gives significant deposit growth in the short term.

Investment portfolio

Investment portfolio with the possibility of portfolio re-balancing according to the specified criteria.

Inter-exchange arbitration

Certain quotes cryptocurrency can differ at 10% or more on different exchanges, tracking these settings in automatic mode we will promptly translate means from one Exchange to another, earning the difference.

Who we are?

Our team consists of financial experts, specialists in the field of cryptocurrency and ICO, programmers, technicians. Also, there are a huge number of specialists who performed for us non-recurring tasks and remote freelancers. Company management has decided to create a platform that is available for a wide range of people, and attracting additional funding. For these purposes was established platform Primex.FUND, the site you are visiting. All funds deposited into the platform will be used to increase the total company turnover in order to obtain additional profit.  

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